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##The manners in the workplace

" Good morning! "

If coming to the office, let's greet almost in the con brio.
It is mysterious because it is possible to spend refreshingly on the 1st in this.
Let's come to the office by the standby at least 5 minutes before.
Have a plenty of leeway and let's come to the office because to change into the uniform depending on the workplace and to go to the shop take time.

The hopeless example:

The man staff who tightens up a tie by taking out it gradually from the drawer of its desk ( ... which is variously stored in the others, too, to the drawer of such a man and is enough )

The man staff who gets a shave with its desk
( ... which is too much accustomed to the workplace )

The woman employee who begins makeup after its seat has
( It doesn't want to see too much but the place of the woman to be posed from the man is ... ).

The man and woman staff with suddenly reek of liquor
( It is ... so as not to prolong fatigue in the previous day ).

The man and woman who has above likely should improve immediately!


Posted by TAMAGOYA